Mid 2015 is a year full of challenges where US dollar’s getting stronger which impacted purchasing of raw material and heavy equipment for starting our first trial production under Trade Mark “SALVIS”. However, the challenges make us become more confident that our product need to be launched and marketed in 2016 which can amaze the public’s attention because our products can increase the energy efficiency and it is environmentally friendly products with the advantages as follow:

  • 1) Reduce emission and environmental pollution. Reduce accumulation of waste and emissions that are harmful to human, and makes the environment become cleaner and safer.

  • 2) Reduce fuel consumption. Reduce the usage of fuel by improving your car’s fuel economy so that it increase the mileage per liter. In other word our products can increase the energy efficiency of the usage of Gasoline approximately by 10%-up and Diesel approximately by 15%-up.

  • 3) Increase the value added. Convert waste oil or other waste liquid that containing calories into high-level value fuels.

With this opportunity, we would like to extend our gratitude to our stakeholders for the support and trust given to the development of our products.

Watu Group looks at 2016 and the following year with optimism and to save the earth, we will be continued to ensure sustainable growth in our business. Customer confidence is the key to our success, therefore we strongly prioritize customer satisfaction on our products.

We wish you prosperous future and together we contribute the best for our beloved country in Indonesia.

Yours Sincerely,
Deddy Hartawan Jamin